The Right and Wrong Foods For Muscle Building

A popular goal for many is to build bigger muscles. To get bigger and stronger there are so many things that much be done right. Diet and workout routine are the two most important things. To get the results that you seek, these two things must be done and they must be balanced.

The best results come in gaining muscle size and strength when you’re eating the right nutrition to go along with your workouts. Also for higher levels of energy that will allow you to work out harder and longer when lifting heavy weights, good nutrition is very important.

Foods high in protein can help you get more strength and mass, these are some popular food choices:


Having a high quality amount of proteins, eggs are a great choice. Choline and essential amino acids are also found in them. For a good bodybuilding diet, you will want vitamin D, fat and many nutrients that eggs have. Not costing much money at all they are a good choice. Research has shown that they help reduce cholesterol, heart disease and high blood pressure. For example, the egg yolk can cause hormonal growth which makes them a serious muscle building tool.

Cottage Cheese

An excellent sourse of pure casein, cottage cheese has a slow digesting protein that is good for building and maintaining muscle mass. It also helps with fat loss. The cheese also has a lot of carbs which you need when working out and building muscles. It will give you energy. It is also a great source of calcium, vitamin B 12 and a lot of other muscle friendly nutrients that you need to grow.

Skinless Chicken

Skinless chicken has high quality protein and is another great option. It can help with weight control, bone health and muscle recovery. Removing the skin is a good option because it removes a lot of the fat in chicken.

Peanut Butter

Another source that has a lot of protein and healthy fats, peanut butter is a great choice. Add it to other dishes, spread it on veggies or other snacks it is a great source of nutrients.This group of foods listed are a great start but there are many other healthy options that you should try. To build tissue, to build muscle, to repair muscle fibers, protein is your number one nutritional tool.

Mixed Nuts

Another great source of protein, mixed nuts are an easy to eat healthy snack. Boosting stamina and controlling fat, nuts are great for the body. Not just a great source of protein, they also have a ton of healthy fats. There is no shortage of nuts to choose from. For example, cashew nuts, brazil nuts, walnuts, hazel nuts and almonds all help with muscle strength and growth.

Foods You Should Avoid

Avoid the sugar, additives and saturated fats of processed foods and stick to whole foods instead. Eating processed food will ruin your results. So stick to only natural foods which are healthy for the body and that do not harm the body in any way. You are trying to be healthy and muscular. Also do not forget that a healthy diet makes you feel good, even better than junk food that only gives a temporary feel good high. Natural foods are a natural high.