How To Successfully Regrow Lost Hair

An image of a nice girl with long hair
An image of a nice girl with long hair

Hair loss is common in both women and men, and several seek to treat it using hair plugs, chemical solutions and even surgery. If you are finding ways to re-grow your hair naturally, beneficial oils, dietary changes and scalp are the chemical-free and cheap remedies that you can begin using right away. Taking proper care of your hair to avoid further loss is another perfect way of maintaining a healthy hair. The following are tips on how how to regrow lost hair.

Massage your scalp every day

Scalp massage enables good circulation of air within your hair follicles, creating a good environment for your hair growth. Gentle massage your scalp using your fingers in a circular motion. Have a time and massage all parts of your scalp to ensure that you stimulate the blood flow in the area you want the new hair to re-grow.

Make it a habit of massaging your scalp daily after washing your hair. Also, professional head massage is also very important since you will learn good ways of massaging your head.

Try an oil massage

Using oil to the equation helps aid circulation even better than a standard head massage. The oil unclogs hair follicles and allows new hair to come in. The following are the few popular oils you can use, Jojoba oil, Almond oil, and Coconut oil.

Consume enough proteins

In fact, protein is the building block for a beautiful and healthy hair. Besides, eating a diet that is rich in protein helps your hair to grow faster. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you are taking the right amount of proteins daily.

The following are the foods rich in protein, meat, legumes, eggs, and leafy greens.

Take diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids

An omega 3-fatty acid is a perfect way to a healthy hair. Lack of this healthy fat makes your hair appear dull and brittle. Also, it does not help your hair but also benefit your skin. Fatty fish, nuts, avocado are the best sources of omega-3 fatty acid.

Consume biotin enhancement

These supplements consist of vitamins B that enhance hair health. Vitamin B12 is very important when it comes to re-growing your hair. Organ meats, animal products and fatty fish are good sources of vitamin B12.

Don’t wash your hair each and every day

By washing your hair every day, you introduce unnecessary strain on your hair follicles.

Comb your hair instead of brushing

Always use a wide-toothed comb to comb out your hair. If you yank a brush through your hair, you damage your hair and eventually this lead to hair loss, split ends and breakage.

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