4 Major Bowflex PR1000 Exercises You Should Train For

71tabepvtps-_sl1500_-768x940Having a home gym is a great experience for people who don’t want to go for their training sessions. It is convenient, efficient and self satisfying, especially if your lifestyle demands you keep fit but time is not always on your side.

One such convenient equipment you can choose from the market is the Bowflex PR1000 which offers a number of exercise options to the user. However, here are some major types of Bowflex Pr 1000 exercises to look forward to if you plan on acquiring the equipment or you have done so already.

Chest Exercises

One of the best exercises you can do with the PR1000 is the chest exercises. The equipment comes with versatile pulley system and cables that allow you to perform an array of chest strengthening exercises. You by simple reading on the manual that comes with the equipment, you can get instructions on how to perform incline bench workouts, flat bench positions and the like.

They high pulleys can be instrumental for the standing chest flys. Just as a summary, with the Bowflex Pr 1000 you can doo flat, incline, and decline chest flys as well as flat, incline and decline bench chest presses.

Arm Strengthening Exercises

There are also a number of options for the arm workouts with the Bowflex equipment. There are positions suitable for the fore arm, triceps and biceps. For the biceps, you can do standing, sitting, incline, lying. And concentration bicep curls efficiently.

You can also effectively do the French press, tricep pushdown, tricep extension and the cross tricep extension moves.

Shoulder Exercises

Another important part of the body you can ton up with the Bowflex pr 1000 is the shoulders. There are a number of shoulder workout options with this equipment, among them being the lateral raises, reverse flys, front raises and bent over raises.

Exercises For The Back

The back is that other delicate part of the body that should be exercised for strength. Lucky enough, you can do this right from your home using the bowflex pr 1000, which has a number of options when it comes to workouts for the back muscles.

For starters, you can use the lat pull downs or do them with reverse grips, which have the same effect as pull ups and chin ups respectively. Yu can also decide to do some rows in a bent over position, upright rows, lying lat pulldowns and low back extension work outs. It all involves carefully forming an effective training program with observations on the muscle groups to concentrate with each day.

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